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Can Medical Marijuana Be Used To Fight Opioid Addiction?

Can Medical Marijuana Be Used To Fight Opioid Addiction?

Opioid addiction is a growing concern in the United States. Though medical marijuana is not regulated by the FDA to treat opioid addiction, some medical marijuana doctors have begun experimenting with the effects of medical marijuana and addiction.

Currently, medical marijuana doctors in Fort Lauderdale have used cannabis to help alleviate chronic pain including fibromyalgia, to help control muscle spasms, to reduce anxiety, and even slow the spread of certain types of cancer. So far, other drugs such as methadone have been helping patients recover from serious addictions, including heroin.

Once an individual goes through the three to five days of acute withdrawal, the addict is not out of the woods yet. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS, can last over a year for some people. For those who do not have access to long-term care or are worried about becoming dependent on methadone, marijuana may be the answer to forms of long-term treatment.

Two states this year have undergone trials concerning the treatment of opioid addiction with medical marijuana. In Maine, Dr. Dustin Sulak runs two outpatient clinics where his patients have sustained their opioid use at stable rates instead of increasing their dosage each year. Connecticut, the Board of Physicians has debated whether or not to allow medical marijuana to treat opioid withdrawals along with four other medical issues.

But how does medical marijuana help those suffering from opioid withdrawal and symptoms?

Marijuana is thought to reduce the painful symptoms associated with withdrawal. Many people turn to opioids as a form of painkiller following an accident that resulted in chronic, long-term pain. Along with nausea, fevers, and vomiting, when a person goes through a detox, the addicted person will still feel pain from the original accident. It’s thought that marijuana use will also help the pain that caused the individual to need opioids in the first place.

Medical marijuana doctors in Fort Lauderdale have already realized the beneficial properties it has on those facing chronic pain. According to a 2014 study, states that legalized medical marijuana saw fewer opioid-related deaths than non-legal states.

Though medical marijuana is not a cure-all that can replace the need for medically prescribed opiates when used in conjunction with the other, it might stop people from relying on larger doses of opioids that can result in overdoses.

In the meantime, medical marijuana doctors in Fort Lauderdale are able to use marijuana to treat a host of different issues. If you’re looking for the best detox doctors, call Peace Medical to start your road to recovery.

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