Doctors in Fort Lauderdale

Dr. James R. Milne

Osteopathic Physician James R. Milne has been practicing medicine in South Florida since 1992. Prior to 1992, Dr. Milne practiced in Clearwater Beach and Key West, specializing in hospital pain patients and emergency care.

Dr. Milne received his degree from Nova Southeastern University of Health and Sciences. After graduation, his fellowship in manual medicine allowed him to teach pain management at the medical school.

As medical physicians, Dr. Milne and his team of doctors in Fort Lauderdale are aware of both the benefits and limitations of traditional medical practices, as well as the new trends of tomorrow. Dr. Milne’s focus is to treat patients without unnecessary surgery, by focusing on non-invasive alternatives. Such alternatives may include manual medicine, physical therapy, injections and medications. Call us to make an appointment.