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The American Disabilities Act offers individuals who need additional assistance the ability to receive a certification letter that allows them to obtain a service animal.

In the past, most service animals were dogs. Now, it has been determined that other domesticated animals can offer emotional support to their owners as well. This includes miniature horses, birds, snakes, and other types of animals. The scope of disabilities has also been expanded to include emotional and mental disabilities that fall under the DSM-IV. These include depression, anxiety, PTSD, and panic disorders. It is possible to obtain service animal certification in Florida if the recipient meets the eligibility requirements.

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Requirements for Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

The “doctor letter for emotional support dog” requires that both the animal and the patient meet certain requirements. For a patient to be able to qualify for a support animal, they must be diagnosed with a health condition, either physical or emotional, that makes it difficult for them to thrive on their own. For an animal to be declared a service or “support” animal, they must be able to render aid in some fashion to the individual they will be serving. If the animal is expected to offer emotional support, the animal must be well-behaved and have some type of verifiable training and certification that states it meets the patient’s needs.

How to Get the Emotional Support Animal Letter for Certification

In order to receive the emotional support animal letter, a patient must first be diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions. Once the diagnosis has been made, the doctor can evaluate the patient’s need for a support animal. The doctor will complete their examination and offer recommendations as to what type of animal may be best suited to offer comfort to the patient. As soon as the patient receives their certification letter, they can take the necessary steps to get their pet certified as an approved emotional support animal.

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