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To have the best treatment results, patients need to receive care from highly trained medical physicians. Osteopathic Physician James Milne has the training and experience to develop an individual treatment plan for each patient.

General Medicine

Do you ever feel like you keep going to the doctor but you’re not really getting better?

The right medical doctor can make all the difference. Doctors Osteopathic Center approaches the prevention and treatment of illness aggressively.

When possible, we prescribe medication or other therapies to provide immediate relief and manage symptoms, while concurrently implementing a non-invasive therapy regime. Once the condition or injury is effectively managed, we often find that prescription medications may be reduced in dosage or ceased altogether.

Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

Home Detox Program

Home Detox Program is private and confidential! We are proud of you for taking this step. Our program is extremely safe, works great and will change your future!
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Pain Management

Methadone treatment is comparatively inexpensive and can offer advantages over other opioids for the management of chronic pain. Methadone is readily absorbed, long-acting, and safe when prescribed by a trained physician.
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General Medicine

From minor emergencies in Fort Lauderdale to General medicine for the whole Broward county, our medical center covers a wide range of Primary care options and treatments.
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Tele-Med (Remote Doctor Consultation)

Telemed is now available for our patients.
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