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5333 N. Dixie Hwy. Ste 204 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
CALL: 954-776-7566 | TELEMEDICINE (All Florida): 833-957-3223

Dear Dr. Milne,
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for me – “in your face advice.” It took a lot to admit being an addict but only I could make the first move. I’ve been clear for 5 months, I feel incredible! Blessed to have great people that love me and stuck with me. Have never had another craving. THANK YOU!!!

– Mark

I’ve been a patient here for almost 3 years and have seen the changes always improve from within. You guys/girls do a great job. Other than the new pens I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING.
Thank you for your time!

– Anonymous

From the moment I decided to start change to Dr. Milne everything is great. From the time I work in, to the attention, time and care, Dr. Milne provides that he is one of the best doctors I have met.

– Gianina B.

The entire team is knowledgeable as well as very helpful.

– Travis C.

I’ve always said that you’re a lucky doctor in the fact that you have a great staff.

– Tom D.

I think that you and your staff are terrific. Cannot see any changes that you should make. I am most grateful that you are and have been my doctor. If it weren’t for you and staff, I’d never been able to work for 12 years!

– Nina C.

I find everything as close to perfect as it could get.

– Cathy S.

This is a great office with very professional staff. Dr Milne has helped me control my pain!

– Debbie B.

I think you guys are great and my life is better because of you.

– Anthony L.

You’ve been great. Caring Knowledge and humble.

– Anonymous

Your office has been wonderful. You gave me my life back. Dr Milne is supper.

– Tom C.

What can we do to better serve you? Nothing, you’re doing a great job.

– Janine E.

I am very pleased for the operation of the office, the staff and Dr Milne.

– Anonymous

BY ALL STANDARDS!!! I find the office and its staff to be very friendly, courteous and professional.

– Phillip G.

What can we do to better serve you? Nothing, everything is fantastico.

– Gabriel K.

What can we do to better serve you? You are doing it!

– James C.

I have had nothing but good experiences here. I think you are all doing a great job.

– Brooke K.

You are very professional, excellent staff!

– Michelle A.

Dr and staff are great. This is the longest I’ve been a patient of the same primary, Dr.

– Joseph S.

Everything you do is great.

– Curtis P.

I would like to take this moment to thank you and your staff for this opportunity you have given to me to make a major change to my life! Your treatment program using Suboxone has given me the help to realize the mistake that I made with my decision to take such a large dosage of 30mg Roxicodone for such a long period of time.

In the past couple of months, which has been a relatively short period of time that I have been a client of your facility it has helped me to realize my past mistakes as well as my defects of character! I feel everyone deserves a second chance to live a happy drug free lifestyle and I would like to thank everyone at your office that has helped me through this rough time in my life in which no one thought I would recover from!

With your help I have proved all the doubters wrong and I am deserving of a second chance at living a drug free lifestyle and working towards a pain free lifestyle!



– John Barclay Krannacker

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