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5333 N. Dixie Hwy. Ste 204 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
CALL: 954-776-7566 | TELEMEDICINE (All Florida): 833-957-3223

Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

Dr. James R. Milne

Osteopathic Physician James R. Milne has been practicing medicine in South Florida since 1992. Prior to 1992, Dr. Milne practiced in Clearwater Beach and Key West, specializing in hospital pain patients and emergency care.

Dr. Milne received his degree from Nova Southeastern University of Health and Sciences. After graduation, his fellowship in manual medicine allowed him to teach pain management at the medical school.

As medical physicians, Dr. Milne and his team of doctors in Fort Lauderdale are aware of both the benefits and limitations of traditional medical practices, as well as the new trends of tomorrow. Dr. Milne’s focus is to treat patients without unnecessary surgery, by focusing on non-invasive alternatives. Such alternatives may include manual medicine, physical therapy, injections and medications. Call us to make an appointment.

What our team says

We, here at Peace Medical want to help patients improve their health. Our team of Doctors in Fort Lauderdale specializes in detox (drugs and alcohol), pain management, hormone replacement and testosterone therapy, ADD, insomnia, anxiety, weight management as well as general and urgent care.

Our goal is to earn our patients trust, get to know the patient, follow up with them, make sure that they are adjusting well to the meds prescribed, let them know that we care in hopes that they follow the treatment plan and achieve their own goal.

It takes a lot of faith, patience, trust, and confidence to work with a stubborn patient who may or may not be ready for the treatment and help they desire but it is also up to us never to discourage or give up on them.

By developing a treatment plan in hopes that the patient will follow through with it, it is up to us to motivate and guide the patient in the right direction leading them to a better life.

– Melissa T, Peace Medical Front Office

Peace Medical really is a multi disciplinary practice, helping patients with conditions ranging from pain management to weight loss.

I believe “we do what we do” to help and encourage patients to achieve a better quality and standard of life.  Not just for them but also for they’re loved ones.

Whether this is through a weight loss program, which can help bring a higher level of self-confidence to a patient. Through a pain management program, personalized to help alleviate the patients level of pain. Or an addiction program, tailored to give a patient back a life free of drugs or alcohol.  Allowing them to return to work, school or just to function normally within they’re family and society as a whole.

All of this is done with love and care for the individual patient and with the hopes that we are making a difference.

– Susan C, Peace Medical – Office Manager

We are here to help improve all our patient’s health and over all well being. We earn our patients trust which helps us guide them in the right direction so they can achieve their ultimate goal.

At Peace Medical we work together as a team. Offering several types of treatment we are always available to listen to our patients doing whatever we can to help.

We love what we do. Knowing that we can help others is a great feeling of self-fulfillment.

– Amanda S. – Peace Medical Front Office

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