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4 Quick Tips to Prevent a Common Cold Infection

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One of the most common cases you will find in many walk in clinics during the fall and spring seasons is the common cold. Approximately half of annual infections occur during these seasons.

The rhinovirus and coronavirus are the two main causes of common colds. They thrive in cool weather, thus why the flu is most rampant during fall and spring.

Your family practice doctor will tell you that there is no treatment for colds. They usually clear within seven to ten days, and the medication available can only treat the symptoms.

However, there are preventative measures you can take to decrease your chances of getting the common cold.

4 Ways to Prevent Common Cold

There is nothing fun about sniffing and sneezing every two seconds. And the fevers don’t make the situation any better. Cold infections halt your life. You can’t go to work or have fun with your friends, and you will most probably spread it to other family members.

But you can avoid getting into this situation and reduce your chances of contracting the virus.

1. Wash Your Hands Often

As much as you avoid getting into contact with sick people, sometimes it’s inevitable. What you should keep in mind, however, is that the common cold virus can get into your body through your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Avoid touching these organs with unwashed hands. Keep your hands clean by washing them regularly with soap and water. Have an alcohol-based sanitizer at arm’s reach, for when the soap and water are unavailable.

2. Eat Immune-boosting Food

Your body has its disease-fighting mechanism, but you need to give it a little boost with the right food. Go for a diet rich in beta carotenes such as sweet potatoes and broccoli. Food rich in Vitamin C is also an excellent option, such as berries and citrus fruits. Fatty fish and eggs will contain vitamin D, while beef and seafood will have zinc. All of these will help boost your immunity.

Dieticians in walk in clinics will advise you to ensure your plate is always brightly colored, especially with fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and excessive sugar. They will make you more vulnerable to contracting a cough and cold.

3. Get a Detox

One of the best ways to help a body maintain an optimal immune system is by cleansing it off all toxins. The food you eat contains an endless amount of toxins from pesticides. The plastic containers carrying most edibles are another cause of toxins in food. The air, both indoors and outdoors, is full of toxic substances from things such as paint and emissions from cars and factories.

A home detox may not get you the strong immune system you need. You need to find a detox doctor in Fort Lauderdale by going to a walk in clinic near you. The detox process will involve getting rid of impurities from the bloodstream and liver. You should then focus on eating a healthy diet. The detox doctor will tell you how often you need the process.

4. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Tobacco products irritate your throat and lungs, and this includes secondhand smoke. It suppresses your body’s anti-viral response. This means you will be less capable of fighting off viral infections. Alcohol consumption results in a similar situation.

If you are an alcoholic or chronic smoker, it is hard to stop the habit. But a rapid detox in walk in clinics can resolve the situation. Unlike the traditional detoxification process, an opiate detox in Boca Raton is a fast process that takes a few hours. It will effectively get rid of the addiction.

In Conclusion

The common cold affects millions of Americans each year. But this does not have to be the case with you. Avoid viral infections by eating a healthy diet and keeping your hands clean and sanitized.

Boost your immune system by getting a regular detox. If you are into the habit of smoking and drinking, a rapid detox from walk in clinics near you will help you get you off the habit.

All in all, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and your body will naturally fight off common colds.

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