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A Comprehensive Outline to Understanding Our Home Detox Program

Fort Lauderdale Detox

Home detoxification is a private and confidential method for individuals walking on the path toward sobriety. Many certified medical Fort Lauderdale detox doctors recommend this for patients to undergo the process in the comfort and safety of their homes. Those who are unable to afford inpatient rehab, afraid of admitting they need help, or scared of putting their life on hold can also benefit from home detox. But, how does it work? We’ve outlined a guide for you to get a better idea of the program, detailing each critical step from the first visit to the last.

First Visit: Initial Assessment

The home detox journey begins with a thorough first visit to lay the groundwork for a successful detox program. Patients must go a urine drug screen to help establish the current levels of substances in the system. Following this, the next step is to have a private conference with the doctor. During this meeting, you’ll get a full explanation of the detox program, outlining what to expect over the coming weeks and addressing any initial concerns or questions. Patients also receive free literature and coupons to support them through the detox process. Last but not least, the doctor prescribes an initial course of medication tailored to the patient’s specific needs such as managing withdrawal symptoms.

Second Visit: Monitor Progress

During the second meeting, the doctor reviews the patient’s progress, evaluating their response to the medication and making any necessary adjustments. A blood profile is conducted to check the functioning of critical organs, including the liver, kidneys, and bone marrow. This step is essential to ensure that the detox process is not adversely affecting the patient’s overall health. Every body is different and therefore, each patient can have a distinct reaction to the detox process and medication. During this second private conference, the doctor answers any additional questions the patient might have and provides further guidance, ensuring support and clear information.

Third Visit: Lab Results and Medication Refill

The third visit with the Fort Lauderdale detox doctor is to review the patient’s lab results obtained during the second visit, allowing the doctor to make informed decisions about the patient’s treatment plan. Similar to the previous meeting, the patient is encouraged to ask questions and discuss any concerns in an extended review session, fostering an open and supportive environment. During this third visit and depending on the patient’s response to the medication, they receive a refill prescription to ensure continuity in managing withdrawal symptoms.

Fourth Visit: Review and Long-Term Plan

The fourth visit in the home detox program is designed to ensure the patient is on a stable path toward recovery. During the private conference, the doctor conducts an extensive review of the patient’s progress and overall health. This visit includes another extended question-and-answer session, allowing the patient to discuss any concerns or seek advice on maintaining sobriety. The doctor prescribes medication for the next month, to support the patient’s recovery and detox. During this time patient may ask about extended treatment and maintenance programs as well.

Starting the journey to recovery can become easier through our home detox program. These four visits offer an overview of the process, however there can be variations such as reducing dosage, or changing medications based on health concerns. Most importantly, patients should know that our Fort Lauderdale detox program is extremely safe, works great, and will change your future. If you are ready to take this big step, let your doctor know. This can be a positive way to detoxify while remaining in a familiar and comfortable environment.

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