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Drug Detox vs. Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, it’s essential to learn about the difference between drug rehab and the detox process. Many people use these two terms interchangeably, but there are key differences. This article will review…

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Best Suboxone Doctors

How Does Suboxone Work?

The best suboxone doctors can help to break the addiction cycle. Suboxone is often used to treat opioid addiction as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Suboxone is only available by prescription from a doctor. The best suboxone doctors will…

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Drug Withdrawal Symptoms, Timelines, and Treatment

Drug withdrawal can range from sleeplessness to fever, goosebumps, and more severe withdrawal symptoms. According to the CDC, 95% of people who go through detox and withdrawal without medical support will relapse. You don't, and you shouldn't go through the…

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Understanding Heroin Addiction

Heroin often tops the list for being the most addictive drug ever created. This illegal opioid drug can harm and damage a person's life, requiring them to enter a detox program over the long term. When a person is addicted…

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Detoxing Processes

3 Ways Doctors Can Help With Detoxing Processes

Those who are going through detox need a high level of support, whether it be from family members or their care provider. According to American Addiction Centers, the relapse rate of those who go through detoxing processes alone is about…

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3 Ways You Can Help a Loved One Going Through Detox

Detox can be a difficult time for your loved one. One of the toughest things they will have to deal with is withdrawal. According to Healthline, there are different stages of withdrawal, including acute withdrawal, which lasts for about three…

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is diagnosed when a victim is dependent on alcohol to cope, integrate, and survive. Alcoholism can be biotic, ecological, or even mental. While the factors that lead to alcoholism vary greatly, it is important to be vigilant on some…

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Detoxing Process

Understanding the Detoxing Process

The process of ridding one's body of toxins caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs is referred to as the detoxing process. When someone quits using drugs or alcohol, detox provides a secure environment in which withdrawal symptoms may…

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