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The Private Program For Home Detox Florida Can Trust

Even when you want to get clear more than anything in the world, the first steps toward sobriety can be scary. The fear and pain of withdrawal has kept countless addicts from achieving lasting recovery, but there are solutions. We understand that you might be afraid of admitting you need help, unable to afford inpatient rehab, or scared of putting your life on hold. No matter the reason, our Home Detox Program is private and confidential! We are proud of you for taking this step. Our Broward detox program is extremely safe, works great, and will change your future!

About Our Broward Detox Plan

Our addiction physicians can help you safely detox from opioids such as heroin, methadone, and painkillers, as well as other addictive substances. If you are seeking Suboxone treatment to detox from opioids at home, Peace Medical can help. While Suboxone treatment has become the standard course of treatment for heroin addiction in the last five years, Dr. Milne has been treating Broward County patients with Suboxone since 2002. We are certified, licensed and trained to administer Suboxone treatment and other forms of medication-assisted detox. Let our experience in addiction medicine help you today!

Our goal is to provide the reliable home detox Florida addicts need to get clean. When your home detox program begins, we will prescribe medications to limit the pain of withdrawal and mitigate any uncomfortable symptoms.

How Our Home Detox Program Works:

Peace Medical’s Purpose
To provide the kind of home detox Florida residents need to maintain lasting sobriety, we offer comprehensive treatment plans. In addition to addiction treatment and our Broward detox programs, we also offer mental health counseling and Suboxone maintenance programs. Peace Medical has an honest and deeply held belief that anybody who wants to get clean should have that opportunity. We strive to provide you with all the tools you need to reclaim your life and return from the battle with drugs stronger than ever. We are here because we believe in you!

Our Broward detox facility is well equipped with experienced providers who will help you find the most comfortable and pain-free detox treatment plan.

  • Dr. Milne is certified in medical detox
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Florida’s #1 in-office detox treatment clinic
  • Affordable office visits and treatment
  • Less expensive than a drug habit
  • Custom treatment plans

Dr. Milne can help you beat your addiction!
With Peace Medical, you can safely detox at home – it’s private and confidential. Call today at 954-776-7566 for an appointment and get the treatment you need! Call and schedule your first visit today. We believe in you!

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