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Stay Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season With These 3 Tips

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The holidays are a time to get together with friends and family and celebrate the season. With all that joyful gathering, you want to be as healthy as possible to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer. From making healthy food choices to combating germs, here are three important tips to keep you happy and healthy this holiday season.

    1. Indulge wisely.
      The holidays are synonymous with great food and fun, but you’ll want to be sure you’re not over-enjoying the many sweet treats and desserts that are so abundant during this time. Especially if you are concerned with weight loss, the holidays are particularly tempting. It is okay to indulge, but too much of a good thing can lead to serious health issues. Did you know that about two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese? To avoid the possibilities of high blood pressure and blood sugar, it’s best to limit your intake of holiday goodies. Other types of obesity-related diseases that you may be at risk for are heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Don’t let holiday temptation set the tone for an unhealthy year!Although it may be tough to stay on your weight loss plan during the holidays, you’ll stay on track by making better choices throughout your meals. You can take small steps to limiting calories and fat in your holiday meals. Skip the extra butter, gravy, and sauces to lighten your plate.


    1. Get check-ups and vaccinations.
      The key to staying healthy throughout the holidays is to try to prevent illness before it happens. The wintertime is peak cold and flu season, so getting your flu shot early will help keep you healthy all season long. If you can’t make time to see your family practice doctor during the busy holiday season, many walk in clinics supply flu shots to the public.You may be attending a lot of holiday parties and coming in contact with many people. Basic personal hygiene is incredibly important as germs are running rampant. If you’re traveling a lot, it may be a good idea to keep antibacterial wipes with you to wipe down public seats and surfaces. Washing your hands frequently and covering your cough may seem like common sense, but these fundamental practices help to keep everyone healthy and happy.


  1. Limit alcohol intake.
    Just as with food, it’s okay to imbibe in celebration of the holidays. Limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks per night to either complement your dinner or unwind at the end of the evening. Alcohol consumption can offset your weight loss efforts by adding extra hidden calories.Alcohol may be plentiful during the holidays, but it’s important to keep the cold hard facts in mind: alcohol is a drug, and takes the number one spot for drug abuse in the U.S. Too much alcohol brings a host of potential health and safety issues when your judgment and inhibitions are impaired. The best way to stay safe this holiday season is to keep a clear mind to make the best choices possible.

To be the healthiest you can be, visit your family doctor not only during the holidays, but all year ’round.

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