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Surprising Conditions That Can Be Treated By an Urgent Care Doctor

Surprising Conditions That Can Be Treated By An Urgent Care Doctor

There’s nothing more important than being able to find the medical treatment you need when you need it. That’s why more and more urgent care centers are popping up around the country to offer healthcare options for a variety of conditions, with many walk in clinics also holding weekend and Saturday hours. But what exactly does an urgent care doctor do? Here are some of the most common services provided by urgent medical care facilities that you might not have thought of.

  • Respiratory Illnesses
    Cough, cold, sore throat? You don’t have to wait for an appointment with your family doctor to get medical attention. Even ear infections and sinus infections can be treated by an urgent care doctor, often without a prior appointment. Nip these nasty conditions in the bud before they get too serious.
  • Lab/Blood Work
    Are you worried that you might have some sort of chronic condition? Blood tests are one of the best ways to gauge type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, which along with other obesity-related conditions such as stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancer, is among the leading causes of preventable death. Get the results you need now so that you can turn your life around for the better.
  • Minor Injuries
    From sprains and strains to cuts and abrasions, many non-life-threatening injuries can be treated by an urgent care doctor, rather than having to go to the hospital. This helps reduce and prevent emergency room overcrowding so that the people there who are truly in need of emergency medical attention get the help they need. Furthermore, urgent care clinics are often more expedient and less expensive than hospital care.

Urgent care centers provide another alternative for people seeking medical care. While serious and life-threatening conditions should always be taken to the hospital, we understand that there are less serious things that nevertheless just can’t wait. So the next time you need medical attention fast, don’t forget about the urgent care facility in your neighborhood. You’ll get the care you need with the confidence of knowing that you’re in competent hands.

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