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The Step by Step Process of a Detox Program

The Step By Step Process Of A Detox Program

Deciding to quit drugs is the first step toward beating drug addiction. Although deciding to quit drugs is a hard decision, the addiction recovery journey is the toughest challenge to conquer. Especially if you’re doing it on your own, it’s hard to detox quickly and stay sober without relapsing.

Before you start your drug rehab journey, you must first successfully complete a drug detox process. The detoxing process is best facilitated by a detox doctor who puts you under an elaborate detox program.

Here’s how the detox process works.

Visit a Detox Doctor

Regardless of whether you want a home detox program or a detox plan at a rehab detox center, you must first visit a detox doctor for evaluation. During your initial visit, you’ll undergo a urine drug screen. Your detox doctor will have a sit down with you and explain to you how the detox program will work.

The detox doctor will also prescribe medication that you will use throughout the detox process. Additionally, you will get reading materials that will provide more insight into what you will expect during the detoxing process. This will help you to be psychologically ready for the detox program. It helps to know what to expect so you can be mentally and physically prepared to handle the acute withdrawal symptoms that are common during detox.

Medical Evaluation

In your second visit, your detox doctor will carry out a medical assessment to establish if there are any co-occurring medical conditions. Besides the physical examination, you may undergo a series of blood tests. This will help the detox doctor assess the extent of your condition. More cross-examination takes place as the doctor evaluates your psychological and physical health.

The medical evaluation is vital because it helps your detox doctor design a personalized treatment plan that will complement your body’s support system. The lab results from your urine and blood samples will help the doctor determine the most appropriate medicines to use for your treatment. A tailor-made detox plan will help you detox quickly and keep the withdrawal effects in check.


Stabilization is a crucial stage of the detox process, and it is the most challenging because you will have to discontinue your drug usage. This is where you need more support from your detox doctor. Luckily, your doctor will be in a good position to prescribe a personalized treatment plan guided by the results of your medical evaluation and lab results.

Some of the medications your doctor may prescribe to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that start kicking in include Suboxone and Methadone. How long stabilization lasts depends on the severity of your addiction and the type of drugs used. It may take one to three weeks or longer.

Drug Rehabilitation

After your detox doctor establishes that the detox process is successful, you can now move on to drug rehabilitation. You get extra medical and psychological support to keep you sober and avoid a relapse. For the most part, drug rehabilitation prepares you for the more severe psychological side effects of withdrawal. After a successful detoxing process, you need support to get through drug rehabilitation without undoing the gains of detox.

Mostly, the drug rehabilitation process tests your resilience and determination not to relapse even under immense withdrawal pain. You will have prescriptions to help you ease the pains. Once you make it through drug rehabilitation, you have a better chance of staying sober and avoiding relapse. With professional help and support, it will be easier to get through the drug rehabilitation stage.

A successful detoxing process will make drug rehabilitation and recovery easier. A good detox doctor will help you detox quickly and kick start your drug recovery journey. Studies have shown that addicts who seek the services of a detox doctor before drug rehabilitation have better chances of recovery. When you have the professional support of a detox doctor, you will have a better experience in your recovery journey and detox quickly.

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