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Three Types of Treatment You Can Receive From Family Practice Doctors

Testosterone Therapy

Could you be getting carded in a Starbucks soon? According to USA Today, the coffee giant is planning on rolling out alcohol after 4pm in thousands of locations worldwide. In an ever competitive market, offering alcoholic beverages in a low-key environment like a coffee shop can give Starbucks an edge on competition.

This could spell problems, though, for alcoholics trying to avoid temptation. Not only is alcohol in bars — but now it’s encroaching on one of the few late-night places that used to be alcohol free. One way people with alcohol addictions can work to surmount their challenges is visiting alcohol detox centers. Treatment can include private counseling, lab work, and prescription medications that help to combat the symptoms of withdrawal. If you don’t have time to enroll in an inpatient facility, many family practice centers offer affordable options for out-patient care. What other types of care can you receive from family practice doctors?

1. Weight Loss
About 35% of Americans are overweight, and many people struggle to keep weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss doctors can give you personalized feedback on what you can change week by week, provide you with FDA approved medications, and give you B12 and B6 injections, if necessary. They can help construct an appropriate grocery list for you based on your specific shopping needs (where you go, your budget, etc).

2. Pain Management
Approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and many more suffer from different conditions, such as a herniated disk or TMJ, that also require long term pain management, rather than having any specific cure. A family practice center can help you manage symptoms with a range of treatment options including physical therapy, prescription medication, and a recommendation of alternative techniques that have worked well for others, such as water exercise.

3. Testosterone Replacement
According to ABC News, approximately one in four men over 30 have low testosterone. This can result in a decreased sex drive as well as other symptoms such as sleep disturbance and lethargy. If you experience these symptoms, a treatment center can do a quick blood test to confirm, and then set up an injection treatment plan so that your body can be safely supplemented with the testosterone it needs.
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