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All About Addiction and Steps for Treating It

All About Addiction And Steps For Treating It

When ranking deadly diseases in the United States, alcoholism is number three. Along with this, thousands of deaths are caused by overdosing on drugs, making it the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

In 2015 alone, over 52,000 lethal drug overdoses were recorded. Of these, 20,101 were related to prescription painkillers and nearly 13,000 were related to heroin.

These are some alarming statistics, and they represent just how serious and dangerous alcoholism and drug addiction truly is. Fortunately, there are resources for those struggling or for those with family members who are struggling. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out or do a family doctor search to find someone who can help you through it.

The Facts Behind Drug and Alcohol Use

There are many reasons why someone might turn to drugs or alcohol, but research shows that 80% of new heroin users got hooked because they were abusing prescription painkillers. Unfortunately, many heroin addicts are adolescents. It was estimated in 2015 that around 5,000 people in this younger age group were regular heroin users.

Another major problem lies with alcohol abuse. It is assumed that over 8 million people, 18 and older, are considered alcoholics, which can lead to some major emotional and physical issues later in life.

Considering that 47% of emergency room patients that are admitted for injuries have some level of alcohol in their blood, it is clear that overdoing your alcohol intake can lead to some serious risks, even if you do not consider yourself a heavy abuser.

The fact of the matter is, if you have a problem, addressing the issue sooner, rather than later, is vital for your health and for the wellbeing of those around you. It is important to look for detox options as soon as possible so that you stay safer, happier, and healthier.

If you are doing a family doctor search, look for someone who specializes in these types of diseases, as they will know the tools and outlets that are best suited for your needs. With help from the right team, you can tackle your addiction and stay clean for the long haul.

Withdrawal: What to Expect

When it comes to alcohol withdrawal, only around 10% – 20% will have symptoms that require regular monitoring or medical attention. Most side effects of withdrawal will not be this intense and can be worked through with support and self-discipline. It is mostly about finding the right treatment for you.

Withdrawal will vary based on the drug you are abusing. If it is heroin or a similar drug that you are trying to abstain from, you could easily notice withdrawal symptoms within the first 6 – 12 hours after taking your last dose.

On the other hand, people who are hooked on drugs that are longer-acting, like methadone, will likely not notice withdrawal symptoms until one or two days after their last dose.

If you are experiencing a more intense withdrawal, you might get goosebumps or a fever. All in all, each person will experience withdrawal differently, and it is important to have a strong support group as the majority of people who try to kick addiction totally alone end up relapsing.

Do a family doctor search today. A professional can direct you to a rehab detox center, if necessary, or simply get you started on the detox process if you want to fight your addiction at home. There is no better time than the present to start your journey.

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