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The Dangers Of Detox: Why You Shouldn’t Detox On Your Own

The Dangers Of Detox: Why You Shouldn’t Detox On Your Own

As you’ve probably seen on a number of news channels and stations, this country is facing an opioid epidemic. In 2014, it was estimated that 6,000 adolescents had a heroin use disorder; these kids are stepping into a life fraught with risks before their bodies have even finished growing, and they’re entirely unaware of where their decisions will lead.


Heroin addiction comes with the most agonizing withdrawal symptoms; depending on an individual’s dependence, symptoms can range from simple nausea and muscle aches to rapid heart rate and severe depression. Though you may feel in control of your body, quitting an opiate addiction should always be done with the help of medical professionals. Here are three reasons why you should rely on a rapid detox center to get you through detox.


  • You’re less likely to relapse. Opiate addiction comes with entire lists of withdrawal symptoms. Some are bearable, but most are not. You’ll feel like you’re enduring the most unpleasant flu of your life, and you’ll know that one single hit will make you feel instantly better; with that kind of temptation and that kind of discomfort, pursuing the detox process on your own is nearly impossible. When you’re surrounded by doctors and trained professionals, however, you’ll have a support system to help keep you on the right track.


  • You’ll be more comfortable. Worse flu of your life, remember? You’ll be sweating, shivering, may become violently ill, and all while experiencing wave after wave of cravings. In a situation so awful, rapid detox centers can provide a comfortable environment: it may not be the Ritz, but it will be much better than your ratty old couch.


  • It’s safer. Some withdrawal symptoms require medical monitoring and medications. If you’ve been addicted to opiates for a long time, you may feel depression so intense that the only solution will be to end your life; you also might be suffering from hypertension. Having a doctor constantly on-call ensures that — no matter what happens — you’ll be taken care of.


Rapid detox centers offer a better, more effective way of ending your drug dependency. By place you in a safe environment and supplying help and support when needed, you’ll be much more likely to make it all the way through and on your way to rehab.

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