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Addiction Doctors

Understanding the science of addiction and recovery

Addiction to various substances remains prevalent across the globe. Almost 13.8 million Americans, more than 7% of the population, have a drinking problem, according to a recent study. This includes the 8.1 million people with alcoholism. However, there is a…

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Alcoholism Suboxone Treatment

Overcoming the stigma of addiction: A journey to recovery

Overcoming addiction and alcoholism is rarely a straightforward process. It's a journey that has many twists and turns. According to expert medical sources, the percentage of alcoholics who require medication and need to be monitored during their withdrawal period is…

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What to look for in a detox doctor

Detoxing can be a challenging time in anyone's life. Depending on the substance you are detoxing from, it can also be dangerous. Skilled and compassionate detox doctors can provide comprehensive services to help you embrace sobriety. Look for these things…

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How Does ADHD Develop As You Age?

ADHD, short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is often considered a childhood disorder. While more children are diagnosed early in life, thanks to advances in medicine and knowledge regarding ADHD, it is not a childhood disorder. According to Healthline, approximately…

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