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What to Know About Heroin Use Among Adolescents

The teen years typically include most people's most experimental years, particularly when it comes to drug use. Tragically, this means many teens develop an addiction to substances like heroin early in life. Understanding this problem and how to manage it…

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How Does ADHD Differ in Boys and Girls?

A lot of children are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and it affects both boys and girls. They may have trouble focusing, being organized, and staying still. When it comes to being diagnosed, boys are 13.2% more…

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How to Know You’re Suffering From Insomnia

Are you having trouble sleeping? Millions of Americans struggle with sleep, and that struggle can impact every aspect of one's life, from energy levels to attention span to even mood and happiness. Sleep is a critical part of our overall…

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Why the Time May Be Right for a Rapid Detox

Our bodies need the proper nutrition, food, and hydration to perform optimally. Sometimes, a rapid detox may be needed to aid it along. Medical professionals state that a person must successfully participate in a drug detox before drug rehabilitation can…

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