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What to look for in a detox doctor

Detoxing can be a challenging time in anyone’s life. Depending on the substance you are detoxing from, it can also be dangerous. Skilled and compassionate detox doctors can provide comprehensive services to help you embrace sobriety. Look for these things to ensure you’ve found the perfect doctor for you.


A doctor should have experience treating your specific condition. For example, a person that is detoxing from alcohol wouldn’t head to a center that specializes in opiate detoxing. When selecting a doctor to work with, always ask them if they have previous experience regarding your specific addiction to ensure you receive the best care possible.


Helping a person detox requires specific knowledge regarding the process. For example, side effects such as insomnia are common. A professional with expertise regarding the process will know what side effects to watch out for and how to handle them, and they’ll be able to reassure you that side effects are only temporary.


There are various levels of credentials a person can have. For example, a chemical dependency counselor assistant only needs a certificate. Often, this requires a few classes and taking a test. However, this person wouldn’t be certified to oversee a detox unless working under supervision. Ask potential detox doctors about their previous education and licensing to ensure you’ll be in good hands.


Detox doctors offer various services. Some focus on detoxing, while others may focus more on rehabilitation. Drug detox must be completed before drug rehab begins. Ideally, a doctor will offer detox options, such as a home detox program. Then, they will help you with drug or alcohol rehab. This wide range of services ensures you can keep the same doctor throughout your journey.


Every patient should receive a thorough evaluation and an individualized treatment plan. Addictions often come with a range of other symptoms. Some individuals may have mental illnesses that cause additional symptoms as well. This may call for a different treatment plan than someone who doesn’t. Your doctor should listen compassionately to your situation and develop a plan to address your needs.

At Peace Medical, we offer compassionate care, licensed practitioners, and various services. Contact us to discuss your intake today. We’re more than happy to answer your questions and learn more about what you need.

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