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National Women Touched By Addiction Day: Seeking Help and Finding Recovery

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Americans observe National Women Touched by Addiction Day each year on July 23. This day is one not just for the women who have struggled with addiction firsthand but also for any woman who has felt the effects through others. Although addiction does not discriminate, the behaviors around substance use can be very different for women. The physical, mental, and social impacts for women struggling with substance use can be particularly harsh and difficult to overcome. This social issue has touched many women across the country who need not only to seek rehabilitation but also urgent care for depression and other mental health issues.

Through the awareness brought on by this day, individuals seek to remove the stigma, create understanding through education, and encourage healing. If you or a loved one is dealing with this situation here are some effective ways to seek help and find recovery from addiction.

1. Home Detox Programs

Home detox programs offer a private and comfortable environment for women to begin their recovery journey. These programs typically include a series of structured visits with medical professionals, starting with an initial assessment, drug screen, information, and medication prescribed to manage withdrawal symptoms. Through follow-up visits, detox doctors can monitor progress, adjust treatment as necessary, and provide ongoing support. Home detox programs are ideal for those who prefer to recover in the comfort of their own homes, offering flexibility, affordability, less disruption, and professional guidance.

2. Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling is a critical component of recovery in addition to treatment, medication, and detox. Many women who struggle with substance use disorders also face co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They can also be more susceptible to cravings and relapse, which are key phases of the addiction cycle. This is why integrated treatment approaches that address both addiction and mental health can improve outcomes significantly. Our urgent care for depression programs at Peace Medical offer counseling done by professionals qualified in the treatment of mental health. Treatment is based on a complete series of medical, psychiatric, psychological, and psycho-social assessments. Our caring staff is ready to provide support to help women reclaim their lives and build resilience.

3. Recovery Resources

Several resources are available to support women in their battle with addiction. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a range of services, including searching for treatment facilities nearby. Women can also refer to support groups specifically for substance abuse, providing community and shared experiences for those in recovery. There are also nationwide hotlines such as the SAMHSA National Helpline (1-800-662-HELP) for substance abuse treatment and mental health referrals. You are not alone, there is always help available to guide you through this complex process.

The National Women Touched by Addiction Day movement emerges as a source of hope and understanding of the unique challenges faced by women who deal with substance abuse in some way. At Peace Medical we strive to provide patients with all the tools they need to reclaim their life and return from the battle stronger than ever. From home detox programs to Suboxone maintenance programs and mental health counseling, we support women in every step of their journey to recovery, fostering healing and resilience. Contact us today if you or a loved one need detox treatment plans or urgent care for depression.

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