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Recovering From Opioid Addictions: What You Should Look For In A Detox Doctor

Recovering From Opioid Addictions: What You Should Look For In A Detox Doctor

In 2015, it was discovered that a startling 2 million people were suffering from opioid addiction, specifically those involving painkillers. Since prescription pain medicine addiction is the first step towards heroin use, it is vital that those suffering find their way to a rehab detox center as soon as possible. Most people who attempt to detox from opioids on their own fail, as the withdrawal symptoms are excruciating. As a result, it’s best to undergo this painful detox under medical supervision. In many cases, this detox will be combined with substitution treatment, most commonly with Suboxone.


If you know someone currently battling this devastating illness, the first job you should undertake (other than discussing the problem with your friend or relative) is to find a detox doctor that can help them through the hardest parts of their recovery. Ideally, this detox center will employ Suboxone treatment doctors as well.


Treatment for opioid addiction varies depending on the severity of the addiction; for example, withdrawal symptoms are always difficult to manage, but in extreme cases they will require close medical attention and surveillance. Detox doctors are familiar with the signs of addiction, and have a unique knowledge regarding what strategies will work best from patient to patient. One of the most effective options is Suboxone treatment, which helps addicts deal with their cravings and makes withdrawal more tolerable. When looking for Suboxone treatment doctors, keep an eye out for these three qualities.


  • Experienced: As with any career, especially medical, the more practical experience a doctor has, the better they’ll be able to treat their patients. Opioid addiction comes with a slew of problems, both emotional and physical. If an addict’s Suboxone treatment doctor can handle them with ease, they stand a better chance of recovering successfully.


  • No-nonsense: Those addicted to drugs often try to lie and manipulate their way out of ongoing treatment. Suboxone treatment doctors need to be as steadfast as they are intelligent, refusing to be cowed or manipulated by someone who so clearly needs their help. This trait can come off as cold, but that attitude is sometimes needed to reassure the sufferer that their doctor can provide a solid foundation for building lasting sobriety.


  • Trustworthy: The strength that comes with being no-nonsense is useless if the patient doesn’t trust their doctor. They have to know when to be warm and soft, and when to be serious. Once a relationship is built between doctor and patient, recovery will come easier.


Do your research before speaking with your friend or family member suffering from addiction. Together, you can find the right Suboxone treatment doctors so you can begin their recovery on the right foot.

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