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Get Help: 3 Reasons To Seek Help Getting Rid Of Your Addiction

Get Help: 3 Reasons To Seek Help Getting Rid Of Your Addiction

“I am just a social drinker. I just always seem to find myself around alcohol.”

“These pills were prescribed to me three months ago, and I still have pain sometimes, so it is okay to take them even though my injury has long since healed”

You have probably said or heard one of these phrases used about some form of addictive substance. All of these people are trying to convince themselves that they either do not have an addiction or that it is not serious.

1. Withdrawal Management

The reality is that many people don’t seek a detox doctor right away because of excuses like the ones above. On average, alcoholics do not seek and receive treatment until 8 years after the addiction begins. Many alcoholics are also reluctant to seek help because of the fear of withdrawal when, in reality, only about one or two in 10 have withdrawal that is severe enough for monitoring and/or medication. If you do experience withdrawal during the detox process, there are treatments available to help, such as methadone. A detox doctor can also help mentally, such as with an emotional support animal, as addicts can sometimes experience an emotional state.

2. Ending The Cycle

According to research, about 80% of those addicted to heroin began by abusing prescription drugs. They were likely prescribed these drugs, much like the second person above. Many will seek to harm themselves in order to be prescribed these drugs again. That does not have to be you. By seeking out a detox doctor, you will be making the smart choice for you and your family. By finding and listening to a detox doctor, you do not have to live under the control of a substance, you can have control of your own life.

3. Your Physical Health

According to research, 47% of those admitted to the emergency room due to physical injuries had drunk some amount of alcohol, while 35% were found to be legally intoxicated. 3 in 4 of those intoxicated were found to be suffering from chronic alcoholism. This is no coincidence, as their injuries likely were related to their drinking. Being intoxicated clouds one’s judgment, as does the state of being under the influence of addictive drugs. Seeking out a detox doctor to help is the right choice for your physical well-being as they will help keep you protected from performing any dangerous activities while under the influence. Please, if you are a chronic user of an addictive substance, even if you think that it is “not a big deal” or “other people have it so much worse” seek help. 

If you live in Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton in Florida, Peace Medical can help you.

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