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All You Need To Know About ADD and ADHD Treatment

Add Adhd Doctors Near Me

ADHD is widely believed to be a childhood disorder, but this is not very accurate. The reality is that about 4% of Americans 18 years and above are struggling with ADHD daily. If you are dealing with this condition, it’s time you asked yourself – are there ADD ADHD doctors near me?


ADHD is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder while ADD is Attention Deficit Ddisorder. The two conditions are the same, with the only difference being that ADD is a slightly outdated term. In 2013, after the American Psychiatric Association released the Fifth Edition (DSM-5), the condition just became known as ADHD.

ADHD in adults

As an adult, if you find out that you have ADHD, you likely had the condition since childhood. Adults with this condition typically face many more challenges as compared to children. Some of these challenges include:

Relationship difficulties

Difficulties in maintaining relationships are more common among adults with ADHD. This includes professional, platonic, and even romantic relationships. You will likely have problems keeping a job, staying in a marriage, and also maintaining a friendship when you are dealing with ADD as an adult. If this is you, you must seek treatment before things get out of hand.

Asking yourself – who are the best ADD ADHD doctors near me can go along in saving you from losing your job, your family, and also friends.

ADD and substance abuse

Substance abuse and addiction become quite a big challenge for most adults who have ADHD. The biggest culprit, in this case, is alcohol.

Studies have shown that children who have ADD are more likely to be alcohol addicts in their adulthood compared to other children. You too might have turned to alcohol to try seek refuge from the harsh effects of ADHD.

Despite this, you should not lose hope. You can enroll in an alcoholism treatment program to help put your life back together. You can consult with your ADD doctor on finding the best alcoholism treatment center.

Management of ADHD

If you are dealing with ADHD, it’s crucial that you know how to manage it to be able to live a healthy life. Learning how to manage your condition can help you avoid pitfalls like addiction which can make things worse. Here is how to go about it:

Utilize calendars and day planners

You can effectively utilize cullenders and day planners to note down your tasks and deadlines. If you have a smartphone, then this would be easier as you can use the respective apps and even set reminders. You can also get to set session appointments with reminders if you are on alcoholism treatment.

Do it now approach

Forgetfulness and procrastination are part of ADD, but you can quickly get around them by using the do it now approach. In this case, when you have a task to accomplish, you have to get on it immediately rather than procrastinate it whereby you may forget about it.

This means that you will be left with no unattended tasks. Combining the two ADHD management techniques works better.

Finding ADD ADHD doctors near me – why is it important?

When seeking ADD ADHD treatment, you should find a doctor within your locality. Here’s why:

  • Finding ADHD doctor who is around you will make the whole treatment program cheaper. Moreover, your doctor can easily refer you to a detox doctor from within if you also need alcoholism treatment.
  • By going to ADD ADHD doctors near me, it will be easier for you to stick to your treatment program. Even with a day job, it will be very convenient for you as your doctor will be near.
  • Having your ADHD doctor in your locality will make it easier for them to address any arising issues in your treatment. They can easily gauge your progress with your alcoholism treatment if you were in that and make adjustments if needed.

As you ask yourself, who are the best ADD ADHD doctors near me, you should also consider getting an emotional support animal to help you with your journey. Treatment is the only way you can get your life under control, so seek it now.

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