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6 Tips On How to Combat Insomnia and ADD/ADHD

Insomnia And Adhd

Insomnia and ADHD impact the lives of many people and can lead to seriously complicated health issues. Luckily ADHD and insomnia aren’t immediately life-threatening diseases like other medical conditions, but they can cause major distress and should be handled properly.

Keep in mind, if you are experiencing insomnia and ADHD, or just one of the two, you should seek professional medical attention.

Here are a few ways to combat these medical conditions.

Millions of people struggle with sleep disorders and it can lead to extremely stressful and unhealthy lifestyles. The majority of insomnia cases are related to bad sleeping habits, depression, lack of physical activity, chronic illness, anxiety, or certain medications.

Here are a few tips to combat insomnia as best you can, but talk to a medical professional if you’re continuing to struggle.

    • Wake up at the same exact time each day — No matter how long you slept the night before, it’s important to wake up at the same time each day to train your body. Unfortunately, this might mean waking up much earlier on the weekends, but if you stick to a strict wake-up schedule, you might be able to help your condition.


    • Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine — These drugs and stimulants can make it extremely difficult to begin falling asleep at night. Additionally, relying on these substances too much is unhealthy and will cause you to wake up much more frequently throughout the night.


  • Exercise regularly — Regular exercise can help combat any sleep disorder and will get you much healthier. Try not to work out right before bed, however, as that can have adverse effects, but start working out on a consistent basis.

More than 3 million people struggle with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) each year. On average, boys are nearly twice as likely as girls to have ever been diagnosed with ADHD, which begins in childhood and can last well into adulthood. Serious cases of ADHD could lead to trouble with relationships, self-esteem issues, and difficulty at work and school.

Here are a few tips to combat ADHD as well. Again, if you continue to struggle, it’s best to contact a medical professional.

    • Create structure — Having and sticking to a routine can be difficult but it will certainly help you combat your ADHD.


    • Breakdown major tasks into smaller ones — You might feel overwhelmed if you have to tackle all these projects and tasks if they are large enough. A great way to help this issue is to break these tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces and go from there. It might feel like it’s taking you longer to finish, but it’s better than stressing yourself out with larger, more difficult projects.


  • Get rid of any distractions — If you have to get some work done, make sure you’re working in an environment that is free from any distraction. Get rid of any televisions in the area, your cell phone, any anything else that might distract you from actually getting your work done.

If you need to speak with family practice doctors about how to better handle your insomnia and ADHD, contact Peace Medical today.

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