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Common Withdrawal Symptoms During the Detox Process

Detox Process

Going through the detox process can be a grueling experience, but it can really help you in the end. The rate of relapse during detox is almost 95%. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include goosebumps and a high fever, making it such a hard situation to get through. Other symptoms can be even more severe, so people normally check into a special facility. But the severity of this situation will depend on how long the patient has been using the substance and their own resistance. Let’s find out about more symptoms.

Physical Symptoms

There are two kinds of withdrawal symptoms: physical and psychological. The bodily symptoms include puking and queasiness, leading to dehydration and other issues if there’s no one to help the person go through it. Patients might experience diarrhea, which can cause the body to dehydrate if the person going through the detox process is not ingesting enough liquids and food.

As mentioned above, you might experience a fever or chill during the process, similar to when you have a serious cold. Tiredness is also a common symptom, so the patient needs ample rest.

Another common symptom is restlessness. People can feel like they want to explode out of their skin, which is why they go to facilities where they can’t escape to get another fix. This can lead to an increased heart rate, which can be dangerous if it goes uncontrolled.

Psychological Symptoms

Most people are only aware of the physical repercussions because they are the most immediate. The psychological indicators can be trickier to navigate.

But these symptoms are another reason why people should be admitted into a facility instead of trying to get through the detox process at home.

The most common sign of withdrawal is depression. Coupled with exhaustion, depression can make the patient stay in bed all day and not want to do anything. Anxiety is also a common feeling during this process.

One of the worst is paranoia and panic attacks, as they can lead to acts of aggression in a patient. Again, that’s why you need experts on this matter. The patient may also be irritable or agitated throughout the process.

Going through this process is difficult, so that’s why the risk of relapse is so great. No one wants to be in pain. Luckily, there our Peace Medical in Florida facilities are equipped to help you with that process. Give us a call now!

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