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Life After Detox: What You Should Know

Detox Doctors

It’s incredibly difficult to recover from an addiction of any kind, regardless of the type of addiction. Many people pursue detox in order to battle addiction, but that is really only the beginning. Detox is done in order to rid your system of the substances to which you were addicted. Quite often, it involves withdrawal, which is why many detox centers have detox doctors on hand to survey the process. But even once you’ve gotten through withdrawal, the fight is far from over. Let’s look into what you need to be aware of as you face life after detox.

1. Your Experience Will Depend On What You Were Addicted To

The type of experience you have following detox will depend in part on what you were addicted to. This isn’t to say that any substance is easy to recover from. Everyone’s experiences are individual, and some people have an easier time with recovery than others regardless of the substance they were addicted to. However, it should be noted that just 10 to 20% of alcoholics have withdrawal severe enough to require monitoring from detox doctors, or for that matter the administering of medications. Nobody has a universal recovery experience.

2. Temptation Will Be Everywhere

As you begin to resume your everyday life following detox, you need to be prepared for temptation being everywhere. Some addictive substances are more easily attainable than others. Obviously, alcohol is legal, and as many recovering addicts refuse all addictive substances, even being around people drinking socially can be difficult. You can’t expect everyone you know to alter their lifestyles for you.

3. You May Need Mental Health Assistance

It may be a good idea to begin working with a mental health professional as you recover. A therapist can help you work through the emotional issues that come with recovery, and may be able to help keep you in check as you recover. There is a lot of turmoil that comes with recovery, so you may want to be proactive.

4. Relapse Doesn’t Equal Permanent Failure

If you relapse and find yourself struggling with reaching out to your detox doctors again, try to go easy on yourself. Relapse is quite common at any point in recovery. Try to go easy on yourself, and connect with people who can get you back on the road to recovery.

Detox can be a difficult process, but for many, it’s the beginning of the road to recovery from addiction. Our detox doctors are here to help you start your recovery journey at Peace Medical, so get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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