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Anxiety Disorder in Children and How to Treat it

Is your child displaying signs of anxiety? As a parent, this can be stressful. However, it’s best to seek treatment for your child right away so they can learn how to effectively cope with their anxiety and lead a happy life. Keep reading to understand how an anxiety disorder presents itself in children and the treatment options available, such as mental health telemedicine.

Is There a Cause?

If you notice that your child is experiencing a lot of anxiety, it’s important to try and pinpoint what is causing those feelings if you can. Some common reasons for children to experience anxiety include feeling pressure to excel in school, being bullied or teased at school, talking aloud, feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, experiencing a health issue, or even disliking a constant sound, like that of a blender, a noisy vehicle, or even a siren.

Post-Traumatic Anxiety in Kids

Acute anxiety is a condition that occurs after a person has experienced a traumatic event. There are a variety of factors that may contribute to someone developing a post-traumatic disorder, including genetic predisposition, previous history of trauma, and exposure to traumatic media such as TV, movies, or social media.

A child with acute anxiety might become extremely upset and distressed following a traumatic event, like a car accident or a death of a loved one. Unlike someone with pre-traumatic anxiety, a child with acute anxiety isn’t worried about the event that caused them stress; they’re instead experiencing the stress that follows the event.

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety disorders among children are challenging for parents to manage. Cognitive behavioral therapy, also referred to as CBT, is a type of talk therapy that helps people identify and challenge the irrational thoughts that lead to anxiety. Through this process, children with anxiety can learn new ways of thinking that help them accept and cope with their feelings and fears. CBT can be a very effective treatment for childhood anxiety.

Mental Health Telemedicine

If attending in-person therapy isn’t an option for your family, consider mental health telemedicine. This treatment option helps children with many types of mental health issues, such as anxiety, ADD, and ADHD. According to ADDitude Mag, boys are nearly three times more likely to get diagnosed with ADHD than girls. This demonstrates the growing need for at-home therapy and mental health treatment for children. If your child is experiencing a lot of anxiety, it may be time to book a telemedicine appointment so your child can be evaluated by a professional.

Anxiety can be a very confusing and overwhelming experience for children, but with the advent of mental health telemedicine, it doesn’t have to be. With the right treatment and guidance, your child can gain control over their feelings and find ways to cope. Contact Peace Medical today to schedule a telemedicine appointment for your little one.

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