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Why Telemedicine Is So Popular

telemedicine for mental health

As more and more people realize the convenience of telemedicine, it continues to grow in popularity. There are many instances where a remote telehealth appointment is efficient and helpful. Services range from appointments to treat mental health to treating the common cold. In the spring and fall, 50% of colds occur, so more people may use this remote service, according to Healthgrades. The last thing anyone wants to do when they’re suffering from a cold is to go see the doctor. Continue reading to learn more about why telemedicine is so popular.

Receive Treatment Without Worrying About Contagion

If you have the flu or a cold, then your immune system is in a weakened state, which makes the idea of having to sit in a germ-filled waiting room at the doctor’s office an unappealing thought. With a telemedicine appointment, your doctor can diagnose your ailment and prescribe any necessary medication with you right in the comfort of your own home. The avoidance of germs and contagion is a significant benefit for anyone who’s feeling a bit under the weather.

Mental Health Care Without Further Anxiety

One area that is experiencing high growth is telemedicine for mental health. Many patients seeking care for their mental health also suffer from anxiety. The thought of having to seek in-person care can cause a level of nervousness that prevents them from pursuing helpful treatment. Knowing that they can undergo treatment in the comfort and security of their own homes allows them to get the medical care they need. Remote telehealth is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Privacy and Convenience

A visit to the doctor’s office can take time, which means taking time off from work or familial responsibilities. If there is a wait before your appointment, the time commitment is even longer. In addition to the convenience factor, privacy is another reason for telehealth’s growth in popularity. Patients seeking counseling or other mental health services often want to maintain their privacy. Being able to get care from home can be a huge factor when deciding to begin or continue mental health treatment.

As telemedicine continues to grow in popularity, you may find your curiosity piqued. If you’re wondering if it’s a viable option for your mental health, then we can help you to make that determination. Contact us today and learn more about our telemedicine for mental health and other remote care services.

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