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Why You Should Utilize Telemedicine When You’re Suffering From Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Major depressive disorder, the primary mental health condition thought of as “depression,” affects approximately 17.3 million adults. That’s about 7.1% of Americans age 18 and older in any given year. Often comorbid with other disorders like anxiety or ADHD, depression represents an elevated risk of early death. Mental health telemedicine has begun to supplement traditional in-person treatment, making it easier to access the care that people need to improve their mental health. Here are a few reasons to consider this alternative.

Telemedicine Improves Access to Rural Areas

One of the most difficult parts of living in a rural area is the difficulty of getting specialty medical care. General practitioners can be found sometimes in rural areas, but it’s often difficult to get specialists like therapists and psychologists. Mental health telemedicine can make it easier, or even more possible, for someone living in the country to get help.

Telehealth Works Just As Well As In-Person

According to the NIH, a concern about telehealth was that it may not work as well for mental health conditions. However, the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that not only did mental health telemedicine work as well as in-person but could also improve outcomes by removing worries about infection during periods of major illness breakout, allowing patients to discuss their issues without barriers like masks.

Telehealth Reduces the Cost of Accessing Medical Care

One of the major barriers for many patients to mental health is the expense of traveling to a clinic. Even when the clinic is only a few miles away, gas, tolls, transit, and parking can all be a burden on a patient with depression, causing them to perhaps be unwilling or unable to go. Removing these burdens can make mental health care accessible where it was otherwise inaccessible.

Telehealth Lowers Barriers to Treatment

People who are depressed already have many internal barriers to treatment. Beliefs of low self-worth and difficulties in performing basic personal maintenance tasks can make it harder to access medical care, especially if someone believes they have body odor, poorly kept hair, or other offputting characteristics. Telehealth can allow them to reveal or conceal physical aspects as they feel comfortable, making it easier to be open with a therapist.

Recovery from depression is a complicated process. Telehealth can ease recovery and wellness, so contact our team today to schedule an appointment with a licensed professional.

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