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The Most Popular Uses Of Telemedicine

online doctor in Florida

Why choose an online doctor in Florida? Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular, and it is particularly suited for certain applications. Learn the top uses of telehealth and telemedicine in Florida–and across the United States.

1. Managing Medication and Prescriptions

Not having insurance while searching for a primary care doctor or online doctor can lead to all kinds of stress. However, it doesn’t have to be. Telehealth and telemedicine are among the top resources for those without insurance. There may be discounts for utilizing this relatively new tool and/or using it while lacking insurance coverage. The goal of telemedicine is to bring services to a greater amount of people and lower costs. Ask telehealth providers about your options.

Routine medication and prescription management, in particular, is a top use of telehealth. Most prescriptions require a single face-to-face meeting. That’s it. Thereafter, with an online doctor, consultation prescriptions can be refilled with a brief, online follow-up appointment–and many patients receive their medications as soon as the next day!

2. Treating Chronic Conditions

One of the most cumbersome and disorienting parts of chronic conditions are the constant–and sometimes seemingly never-ending–doctor’s appointments. By seeing an online doctor in Florida, patients can significantly curb the number of face-to-face visits.

Using online physical consultation prescriptions and teletherapy resources, patients are able to independently manage conditions from home. Thanks to telehealth, providers are more likely to check in with patients’ mental health in relation to the condition or pain they are experiencing. Telehealth appointments cut costs, save time, and free up doctors’ schedules to interact with patients more effectively.

3. Limiting Emergency Room Traffic, Conserving Resources, and Lowering Medical Bills

The amount of non-emergency traffic in emergency rooms is a problem. Emergency rooms are busy, resources are limited, and the average emergency room visit costs nearly $1,500!

Telehealth or the option to visit an online doctor in Florida–at any hour–greatly reduces unnecessary emergency room visits. Often, patients are simply seeking immediate care. After 5 to 7 p.m., many doctors’ offices and even urgent care centers are closed, leaving emergency rooms as the only option. Telehealth affords patients options again. Using telemedicine, they are able to seek care after hours without the exorbitant price tag.

4. Monitoring Nutrition and Weight Management

With an online DR consultation prescription, Florida residents can receive meal plans, medically-approve weight loss advice, and ongoing clinical support. For the most part, losing weight, adopting a new exercise program, and/or adhering to a nutritious diet plan does not require meeting in-person. A doctor can help you review your meal plan and/or exercise plan, monitor your progress, review your options, and provide support–and do it all while using video.

If frequent, in-person visits are difficult to work into your schedule, talk to medical staff about all of your options, including online consultations and telemedicine.

Telemedicine has many different applications. Ask your doctor or receptionist at Peace Medical if telemedicine is a viable option for you!

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