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What Are The Benefits of Telemedicine?

What Are The Benefits Of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers an incredible host of benefits. Learn how patients benefit from consulting with a remote doctor at Peace Medical.

Worry-Free Consultations

Aside from checkups and other routine appointments, people generally visit doctor’s offices when they are sick. Lingering in the waiting room can expose patients to germs, particularly if they have young children with them, if they are 65 years old and up, or if they have pre-existing health conditions that may weaken their immune systems.

With telehealth, even the most immunocompromised patients can meet with a doctor worry-free. A remote doctor consultation entails zero exposure to new germs and new people.


Unfortunately, privacy and confidentiality concerns prevent many people from seeking treatment in the first place. Patients may forgo treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, alcohol dependence, mental health treatments, and/or medical conditions that may have some stigma or taboo associated with them, like hormone imbalances and low testosterone.

First, it is important for patients to know that some of the conditions with the most stigma are also among the most common. Just take a look at some of the statistics:

  • In the U.S., up to 13 million show symptoms of low testosterone.
  • A surprising 21 million U.S. men and women suffer from at least one addiction.
  • Anxiety plagues 40 million Americans ages 18 and up, and another 16.1 million have major depressive disorders (MDDs).

Second, some patients feel more comfortable working with a remote detox doctor for the initial consultation and first few appointments–or even working with healthcare professionals entirely online. The same is true for hormone imbalances and mental health issues. Many patients find meeting with a doctor online more private and more convenient to inconspicuously work into their schedules.


Speaking of convenience, it is one of the many drivers of the popularity of telehealth and remote doctors. By scheduling a remote doctor consultation Florida residents avoid the pitfalls of traditional appointments. Traditional appointments may require patients to take time off work, drive to and from appointments, or arrange transportation.

Telemedicine enables busy patients to schedule appointments during lunch or breaks, or immediately before or after work–something that may not be possible with traditional, in-person appointments. These remote appointments afford patients the luxury of keeping the date, time, and frequency of appointments confidential. When using telehealth, not even HR needs to know that you sneak away for an hour every week or once every two weeks to meet with a therapist, psychiatrist, or addiction counselor.

Access to transportation or lack thereof is no longer an obstacle or hindrance. Once again, that’s your business and your business alone.

Contact Peace Medical today to learn if telemedicine is the right option for you!

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