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3 Common Family Health Issues That New Parents Need Help With

Family Practice Doctors

Having access to excellent family practice physicians is one of the most important things for new parents. There are a number of potential health issues that can affect you and your children, so having a doctor you trust is critical. Family practice doctors have expertise beyond medical knowledge; they can help walk you through raising healthy children. Here are a few health issues that you should talk to your doctor about.

  1. Obesity
    Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Beyond the social stigma, there are truly horrific health consequences to being obese. Heart disease, type two diabetes, certain cancers, and strokes are all obesity-related conditions. Additionally, these diseases are some of the leading causes of preventable death. Talking with family practice doctors about obesity if you notice substantial weight gain in yourself or your children should be the first step in preventing these conditions from developing.
  2. Addiction
    No matter which family member suffers from addiction, the whole family will feel the effects. Addiction is a disease like any other, yet it is socially viewed as a series of bad decisions. Your family doctor can help clear up the confusion and misinformation surrounding addiction and give you the right resources to fight back as a family. Addiction is hard, but with a supportive family, it is made more manageable.
  3. Attention Deficit Disorder
    ADD is both common and misunderstood. Just because you have a hyper child, it doesn’t mean they suffer from ADD. If you notice their grades slipping, that they are easily distracted, or that they are having a hard time controlling their impulses, talk to your doctor about having them evaluated. There are many individuals with this condition that live very normal, and often quite successful lives. Sometimes, though, medical treatment is the best option.

From a young age, children should have access to great doctors. This is especially important for new parents who have not yet had to deal with unexpected medical incidents. Doctors are there to treat illness, of course, but family doctors are there to help you raise healthy children. Forming a strong connection with your family doctor can make a big difference in your family’s happiness.

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