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4 Signs It’s Time to See a Local Addiction Doctor

Dealing with addiction is difficult and can be overwhelming. Luckily, local help is available, but you may not know when to seek it out. Read on to know when to visit a local addiction doctor.

1. Losing Control Over Your Drinking

Has it become harder to control your drinking limit? For example, if you’re unable to control your cravings and have started consuming more than usual, a local addiction specialist can help. This doctor can assess whether you need additional assistance regaining control of your drinking habits. They can help you be healthier and get through this struggle.

2. Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

You may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, sweating, nausea, and anxiety after your last drink. According to The Ranch TN, Delirium tremens (DTs) is a life-threatening condition that involves sudden and severe mental or nervous system changes. The condition usually develops within 48 to 96 hours after the last drink, but it’s possible to experience DTs up to 10 days after drinking. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then please seek local help immediately.

3. Dealing With Relationship Problems

Take a good look at your relationships. Would you choose to have a drink over spending quality time with loved ones? Do your spouse, children, and friends express concern about your drinking? If so, then it’s best to seek local help from an addiction doctor and work together to develop a plan on how to improve your relationships. You may be able to do family counseling as well.

4. Struggling to Perform Your Daily Tasks

Have you lost interest in activities that once gave you pleasure? Are your friends and family noticing a lack of motivation, changes in sleep patterns, or difficulty in meeting deadlines? Think about the last you exceeded expectations at school or work. If it’s been a while, then it’s time for a change .

If you’re having problems managing your drinking, then substance abuse professionals can help you get it under control and get back your life. A local addiction doctor can provide you with the right resources and give you great advice to get help. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact our local addiction services today if you have any questions about treatment options.

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