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College Kids and Alcohol Abuse: An Unhealthy Partnership

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The transition from high school to college can be stressful for young adults. Not only do these kids have to deal with all the pressures of figuring out their future, they have to take care of themselves for the first time. Unfortunately, because college is so drastically different than anything these kids have ever experienced, it can be all too easy for them to let alcohol take control.

Addiction to alcohol doesn’t have to take place over years and years, it can start almost immediately. Roughly 20% of all college kids currently meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder. If you think your child has been abusing alcohol in college and is need of serious alcoholism treatment, call your family doctor and start planning your strategy right away.

Though kids may experiment with alcohol in high school, there is so much more freedom at college, which often results in early abuse.

“High school was more of a social factor … just busy work to keep you going,” said an anonymous college student. “Where college is more just test and exam … And a detriment to that is that they give you more rope to hang yourself with in a college setting. So here it’s less busy work, but the work does get harder, and that cuts into social time… so it’s up to you to choose how much social life you have compared to your study time.”

College kids think that drinking and being cool are synonymous, so they allow alcohol to consume their weekends, their weeknights, and, once it becomes a serious problem, their thoughts throughout the day. According to a study by the University of Minnesota, 74.4% of college kids drink alcohol be chase it “enhances social activity,” 71.7% drink because it “gives people something to do,” and 63.1% of students drink because it “allows people to have more fun.”

Your family doctor should know your entire family’s history with alcohol and it’s important that your college kids are being honest with them about their drinking as well. If you or someone you care about is in need of assistance to fight substance abuse, contact your family doctor and seek medical attention right away. If you’re in need of additional medical assistance, visit Peace Medical today.

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