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How Emotional Support Animals Can Help Improve your Life

Emotional Support Animal Letter


Sadly, over 80% of depressed individuals do not speak out and seek professional assistance. Depression is a serious issue that impacts the lives of millions of Americans, and it’s absolutely essential to seek professional help if you or anyone you’re close with are struggling with this mental health condition.

There are a variety of treatment options besides talk therapy and medication. For some, getting an emotional support animal letter from your doctor is a great option to help combat feelings of depression.

Emotional support animals are companions that medical professionals have determined can provide assistance to a struggling individual. Emotional support animals are typically dogs, but cats and other animals may be used as well to help individuals with psychiatric, intellectual, or physical disabilities.

People who suffer from emotional or mental disabilities can qualify for a support animal by having a mental health expert write an emotional support animal letter.

Here are some of the possible benefits of living with an emotional support companion:

  1. Improving mental health
  2. Reliving loneliness
  3. Increasing general activity
  4. Reducing stress levels
  5. Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
  6. Faster recovery time from injury or illness
  7. Having a close companion who shows unconditional love

When people get stuck in their own destructive and depressing habits, they can quickly spiral into living a very unhealthy and dangerous life. Rather than spending days, weeks, and even months stuck inside your home and sitting in front of the TV (which is terrible for people struggling with depression and anxiety), having an emotional support animal will encourage depressed individuals to get outside and go on walks, providing both entertainment and exercise.

Depressed individuals can sometimes perceive the world as out to get them and often lose contact with friends and family members. Having a pet by their side, however, will help anyone struggling with these anxieties once they realize that pets truly care for them, too. They will never feel alone and won’t feel rejected, which will hopefully translate into improved interaction with humans as well.

If you’re experiencing episodes of serious depression or increased anxiety, it’s time to talk to your family doctor about your treatment options. If you think animal therapy might help, then don’t be afraid to ask for an emotional support animal letter.

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