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Finding Your Way Out of Seasonal Depression

Depression Help

Millions of Americans are inevitably experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly called “seasonal depression” or SAD, every single year. When the weather changes, barometric pressure changes, or the temperature fluctuates, it can have a negative effect on a brain’s functionality. It’s more common than ever to see seasonal depression, but there are also several forms of depression help to rise up out of it.

Lifestyle Changes

Seasonal depression is known to target people primarily during the winter months, or seasons where the temperature becomes colder. The amount of light coming in through the windows is another factor, and overcast days can cause a feeling of emptiness in many individuals. A way to counteract this is to invest in soft lighting for your home. Always having a comforting light source on can help bring consistency to an otherwise fluctuating outdoors.

When experiencing depression, many people feel the desire to stay in bed all day. Being lethargic and feeling down is a common symptom of SAD, and in order to counteract this, you need to take some initiative. Develop a daily yoga routine, or even just 20 minutes of stretching for your body. If this feels like too much, start reading. Replace naps that take away from normal sleeping hours with reading sessions for depression help. In addition to making your sleep more productive, this can help you temporarily escape your current mindset by focusing on a story.

Social Changes

One of the biggest temptations that patients suffer when dealing with SAD is alcohol. Alcohol abuse is often used to dull pain temporarily but can lead to a lifetime of medical issues, big and small. In terms of deadly diseases, alcoholism ranks third in the entire world. If you feel the desire to drink excessively during fits of seasonal depression, it is important that you open up to your doctor or your close friends to help hold you accountable.

Professional Help

There are countless professional depression help options for you to take when encountering seasonal affective disorder. Even if leaving the house is too much, technological advances in 2022 make it easy to get a prescription from a doctor online, have a telephone consultation with a doctor, and even find clinics that treat depression. A doctor on demand can ensure that even on your worst days, you always have somebody to talk to about your symptoms.

Depression help comes in many forms. Whether recovery for you looks like spending more time outside, opening up to your close friends, or even visiting a clinic that treats depression, your depression treatments are up to you. If you don’t know where to start or want to know more about seasonal affective disorder, give us a call today.

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