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How a Telemedicine Doctor Can Help with Alcoholism

How A Telemedicine Doctor Can Help With Alcoholism

Addiction and alcoholism are some of the most difficult things that a person and their family around them can go through. It is a difficult process to no longer be reliant on alcohol, and it is a battle that never ends over the course of a person’s life. Luckily, there is help available. A telemedicine doctor in Boca Raton can help people in the area get over their addiction to alcohol. From there, a better life is possible, with stronger cognitive abilities and a less burdened liver without alcohol.

A telemedicine doctor can help with alcoholism treatment in several different ways, including these three:

They Can Conduct Lab Work with a Patient

Having blood work done is important for someone who is suffering from alcoholism. After all, serious damage to the organs can occur, particularly to the liver, from years of drinking too much. This lab work will the telehealth doctor determine what type of medication may be right and safe for a patient to take. It also will alert them to any potential issues that may need immediate medical intervention or tell them if a patient has relapsed into alcoholism.

They Can Prescribe Medicine for the Patient

There are several different medications that a telemedicine doctor may prescribe to their patients who are dealing with an addiction to alcohol. The list of potential medications that a telemedicine doctor in Boca Raton my prescribe includes Vivitrol, Campral, and Topamax. They have various uses, depending on the type of addiction that a person is facing. For instance, Vivitrol is often used to block the effects of opioids, while Campral is designed to limit a person’s desire to drink. The doctor should be aware of allergies that the patient may have and give instructions on how to take the medicine for the best results.

They Can Assist with Counseling for the Patient

A doctor can make sure someone stays physically healthy when trying to get over an addiction, and they can prescribe medications designed to help a person get past that addiction. However, getting over alcoholism or any other addiction requires a desire from the patient to recover. It requires mental strength and discipline, and because of this, it means that they will often need counseling and someone who they can rely on to help them get through difficult times. Telemedicine allows for counseling to be brought to patients, in the comfort of their own homes, and helps them get to a better and stronger place mentally.

There are a lot of great reasons to look into a telemedicine doctor in Boca Raton, including one’s own physical health and the stress that they put on people around them through issues they face, like alcoholism. With only between 10-20% of alcoholics suffering withdrawals that need to be monitored, being able to fight that battle from home makes it easier and offers the patient support.

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