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How Are Insomnia and ADHD Related?

How Are Insomnia And ADHD Related?

When it comes to insomnia and ADHD, you might think there’s no connection between the two. You’d be surprised to find out that ADHD can and does contribute to insomnia for a large number of patients. Here are a few ways that ADHD contributes to insomnia.

Trouble Keeping a Consistent Schedule

One of the key symptoms of ADHD involves having trouble staying focused or keeping a schedule. People with ADHD often find it difficult to keep a consistent sleep schedule as a result. While a family practice doctor can help find the right medications to remedy this, it’s not always a 100% viable solution. When sleep schedules become an issue, it may be difficult for people with ADHD to get seven to nine hours of sleep consistently. Bedtimes may vary or be completely nonexistent at times. In addition, keep in mind that boys are almost three times as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as girls, so it’s important to pay attention to your children if they’re displaying odd sleep patterns. It could be a sign of ADHD.

Stimulants Are Used to Treat ADHD

The most common treatment for ADHD comes in the form of stimulants, which, as the name suggests, stimulate the body and mind. While this can often be a huge help to people with ADHD for increased focus, it’s not always good news for sleeping patterns. In fact, stimulants can keep you awake well past when you want to be. Insomnia and ADHD are often tied together as a result of the very medication used to effectively help people with ADHD get a better handle on their condition.

Racing Thoughts

In addition to struggling with keeping a consistent schedule, ADHD can also lead to racing thoughts and difficulty quieting the mind. In turn, this can result in having trouble falling or staying asleep throughout the night. When you need insomnia help with this particular condition, it’s wise to have a pre-bedtime routine for clearing your mind. Unfortunately, ADHD medication and other symptoms have the potential to interfere.

When you want to understand ADHD and insomnia a little bit better, it’s important to fully research the symptoms of ADHD. It’s possible that you just haven’t been diagnosed yet and your insomnia has a concrete cause.

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