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How Does ADHD Differ in Boys and Girls?

A lot of children are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and it affects both boys and girls. They may have trouble focusing, being organized, and staying still. When it comes to being diagnosed, boys are 13.2% more likely to receive this than girls (5.6%) will, according to ADDitude.

What will ADHD doctors likely notice when it comes to the differences in how boys and girls show their symptoms?


Boys tend to show their symptoms on the outside, or externally. They will be more likely to run around and act impulsively as well as aggressively in a physical way. These can manifest themselves both at home and at school. Repeated occurrences will point to a diagnosis.

The fact that they act out externally, especially with hyperactive behavior, with their restless behavior and not being able to sit still or focus, makes it easier for physicians to pinpoint what is going on with them. But boys can also fall through the cracks since sometimes their extra energy and restlessness can just be seen as “boys being boys,” a common phrase that doesn’t really apply to everyone.


This can be a lot more tricky for ADHD physicians to diagnose since girls internalize their symptoms a lot more and it can be easy to mistake them for a lot of other things. The girls may have very low self-esteem and they may seem inattentive or they may even be verbally aggressive, which can land them the label of “problem child.” These colloquial sayings have led to a lot of missed diagnoses!

Girls may be a lot more likely to go for a longer period of time without any diagnosis – which is a reason for the lower percentage of those who are found to have ADHD. This can have a very long-lasting effect on them since them pointing their anger and frustrations inward can cause them to become depressed and even suffer from things like eating disorders and make them not be able to have fulfilling relationships.

It’s important that ADHD doctors recognize what is going on and diagnose them so that they can start the proper regimen of medication or other treatments. Otherwise, both boys and girls can have a lot of long-lasting effects in many areas of their lives. Hopefully, they will get the help they need and go on to be happy.

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