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How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost

How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost

Suboxone refers to the brand name of a prescription medication that is commonly used to treat people addicted to opioids, illegal drugs, and prescriptions. Its ingredients are known to cause low testosterone levels, which significantly affects the sexual urges in a person. Research shows that at least thirteen million American men suffer from low testosterone level.

Traditionally, clinicians preferred using methadone for opioid addiction, but they have switched to using suboxone treatment. This is because Suboxone can be used in different treatment stages, and it can eliminate cravings completely when used as part of a comprehensive drug recovery plan.

Suboxone is also a useful pain management drug, and it is said to cause calmness and well-being to those who take it. The medication can only be prescribed by a suboxone treatment doctor. Patients should follow their doctor’s prescription to the latter.

How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost?

If you are using a film, you should expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $600 for a supply of 30 films. This will depend on the pharmacy you visit and the dosage your doctor has recommended for you. These prices are for cash customers who will not be using any insurance to cater for the bill.

The cost of suboxone treatment can be brought down significantly if you have coupons, rebates, savings cards, trial offers, and access to free samples. A rule of thumb used by a lot of pharmacists is that Suboxone will cost you $1 for every milligram.

How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost With Insurance?

Some health insurance companies may or may not cover suboxone treatment. Insurance will look at the medical necessity of a person to determine if they will cover them or not. The insurance company will also look at whether the prescription medication is included or not as well as whether there is a co-payment plan required. If Suboxone is on the approved medication list, the insurance company will cover the cost of treatment.

Suboxone would be covered automatically if you purchased your insurance cover on the Healthcare Marketplace as part of an Affordable Care Act. This plan is suitable for anyone with a long history of drug abuse and failed attempts of drug treatment. An official diagnosis of psychiatric treatment and an overall lack of a strong internal network may also warrant being covered.

How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost In Private vs. Public Rehab Facilities

The question of how much does suboxone treatment cost may also depend on where you get your treatment. When considering suboxone treatment, check various facilities to determine which one will offer you the best treatment option. Check their price points, level of care provided, and the comprehensive plan you will be expected to undertake in your treatment. Researching the best treatment center may seem like a headache, but it is worth the pain when you consider how your life will change once you complete the treatment.

Most private suboxone treatment centers will provide a home-away-from-home experience, which makes it easy for you to work through your addiction. Private treatment centers are what most people have in mind when they hear of an addiction center. Private facilities offer you tailor-made treatment since they are likely to have few people compared to public centers.

They also have the financial muscle to include valuable facilities such as gyms where you can work out as you move to develop physical activities to complement your new life. You will also receive higher levels of support from the staff, the highest level of individual care, and valuable group lessons where you and others on a recovery journey can encourage each other.

If you do not have health insurance, the cost of treatment may be too heavy to bear, which makes a public facility the best option for you.

Can You Get Free Suboxone?

Free Suboxone may be available for you if you qualify. The treatment does not have a patient assistance program, which means you may be eligible if you are uninsured. People in the low-income bracket may also qualify for free treatment. Be sure to check with your health facility the limitation they have set for free Suboxone.

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