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How substance abuse can affect physical and mental health

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Drug addiction is an ongoing issue among adults. An estimated 21,000 had used heroin between 2014 and 2015, and 5,000 were still using at the time. An additional 6,000 adults had heroin use disorder in 2014. Widespread substance abuse is known to cause mental and physical side effects. Here’s some important information to understand about these effects.

Physical Effects

Substance abuse can be very tough on your body. Over time, you can be at risk for things like heart or lung disease, cancer, stroke, or mental health conditions. Not all of this could be attributed to the drugs, though. You might neglect things like tooth care, which can lead to bacteria getting into your bloodstream. Seeking out medical attention and rehabilitation can help you find treatments that put you on the road to recovery.

Mental Effects

Substance abuse can also affect your mind. That’s because it can alter your brain chemistry and affect areas that are linked to mental conditions like anxiety, schizophrenia, and impulse-control disorders. It can change a person’s behavior entirely. Substances that cause this include tobacco products, according to the NIH. Yes, nicotine is a drug, and it has been observed that people with schizophrenia have done it, partly to manage symptoms of the condition. That doesn’t mean that all smokers are self-medicating schizophrenia. A local addiction doctor can help with the mental side, too, along with counselors.

It can be hard for non-addicts to understand the effects of substance abuse. They can’t fathom just how powerful these things are. But it’s vital that they offer love and support. That can make a significant difference.

The important thing to do is to get healthy. See a local addiction doctor; they have studied for years and are ready to help you stop abusing whatever substance you are on. They treat it as a disease and not something to be ashamed of. Their goal is to see you feeling sound in both body and mind, and they will also give you resources so that you can continue the path of health after you’ve finished with them. Then you will have your life ahead of you.

Do you need the help of a local addiction doctor? We can help you at our clinic. Please contact us today so we can help you or your loved one on a journey of recovery.

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