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Mental Health Telemedicine and Types of Treatments Offered

Mental health telemedicine

In the world of medicine, there are times when traditional medical treatment such as a visit to our family doctor is simply not possible. In the event that it is not an option to visit your family doctor, there is now the option of telemedicine. Here are a few examples of how patients can use the internet instead of a scheduled office visit, going to an urgent care clinic or hospital ER to be seen and assessed by a doctor.

Remote Weight Loss

It’s no secret that obesity is nearly an epidemic in the United States. Remote teleconferencing would allow a patient to consult with a nutrition doctor concerning the creation of a personal weight loss program. This consultation could be conducted privately, and the patient would not have to leave the comfort of their own home. It is possible that being in familiar surroundings could lead to a patient taking that very important first step in starting a weight loss regimen. Also, follow-up visits could also be conducted via teleconferencing.

Remote Detox Treatment

Addiction, particularly opioid addiction, is a terrible problem in the United States. In fact, 23% of people who use heroin develop an addiction to opioids. In addition, misusing painkillers is another problem which leads to opioid addiction. One option to treat this problem is detox. And now, thanks to teleconferencing, detox steps can be taken remotely. Of course, the entire process cannot be done via teleconferencing. But it is worth noting that telemedicine can play an important role in the detox process.

Remote Mental Health Treatment

Depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental health problems are all too common. Often, patients are reluctant to make an in-person visit to a doctor’s office for treatment. Mental health telemedicine can be a successful option for patients. Remote teleconferencing provides a one-on-one connection with a doctor without being an invasive intrusive experience. And, if there are other medical professionals who need to be part of the conversation, they too can participate.

Remote Pain Treatment

Anesthesiologists and physiatrists are the specialists you will find in an interventional pain clinic. Telemedicine is a great advantage in this particular situation since it allows all of the professionals to participate in a meeting at the same time, for instance in an online teleconference. This prevents the patient from traveling from office to office to have consultations and receive directions as to the next steps in their pain management process. While certain treatments and therapies, such as steroid injections and implanting of devices like pain pumps will still, of course, have to be done in person, much of the running around that patients often have to do will be avoided.

Summary: Mental Health Telemedicine

After looking at this overview, it is clear that telemedicine benefits patients. From a weight loss doctor to a remote detox doctor, to mental health telemedicine, the use of today’s technology is a wonderful advantage to patients and physicians alike. It allows physicians to arrange a remote doctor conversation with patients. This helps patients avoid time-consuming and possibly stressful trips to an urgent care center or an ER. Treating illnesses and managing problems via telemedicine is a great breakthrough for all, helping patients with all sorts of problems get their lives and their health back to normal as soon a possible.

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