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Researchers Discover Link Between Testosterone Treatment and Cardiovascular Health

Testosterone Treatment

Boosting your testosterone levels with Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been shown to bring male energy levels back to normal, but after a new study, there might be even more health benefits of testosterone therapy treatments. In a recent study, testosterone treatment therapy was found to provide protection against various cardiovascular diseases in men with low testosterone levels.

According to Science Daily, researchers from the Boston University Medical Center found that long-term use of testosterone therapy not only improves vitality, but can also reduce the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine, Boston University School of Public Health, and German scientists compared the effects of testosterone treatment on obesity, cholesterol levels, diabetes, liver functions, and more on a group of men over an eight-year period. The study was published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Over the eight years, the study followed 656 men age 60 and older with low testosterone, with 360 men receiving low testosterone treatment therapy and 296 not receiving any testosterone therapy at all.

UPI reports that of the 360 treated men, there were only two deaths — both unrelated to heart problems. Of the 296 non-treated men, there were 21 deaths, 19 of which were cardiovascular-related deaths.

“The low CV [cardiovascular] events observed in the T-group compared to the untreated [control] group strongly suggests that TTH is protective,” said Abdulmaged M. Traish, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry and urology at BUSM and author of the study. “We believe that the protective effect of T on the CV system provides clinicians with the opportunity to utilize this approach for secondary prevention for hypogonadal men with a history of CV events.”

Thanks to this study, more research will now be down to test testosterone’s effects on the human body. While this research is still preliminary, it’s could have major implications for the future uses of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in older men.

It’s one thing to hope to improve your energy levels by visiting testosterone clinics and receiving treatment, but having the ability to actually save your life by decreasing your chance of dying from cardiovascular issues is revolutionary. If you are searching for testosterone treatment in Boca Raton, contact Peace Medical today.

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