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How To Resist Temptation During The Summer

How To Resist Temptation During The Summer

Summer is notorious for parties. Between the holidays, heat, and longer days, it seems like party culture is ever-present. Resisting temptation when you’re a recovering alcoholic can seem like a constant battle. Here are some tips for resisting temptation and controlling your addiction.

Recognize you’re not alone

Over 13 million of the adult population struggle with drinking problems while 8.1 million others have alcoholism. If you feel like you need someone to talk to, there are countless others who have gone through similar experiences. If you want to seek help from a professional, visit an alcohol detox center or a rehab detox center near you.

Know the two types of triggers

There are two types of primary triggers that affect your urge to drink.

External triggers are sources of temptation outside of yourself. This can include your friends peer pressuring you to drink, or it could be as simple as the time of day that reminds you of drinking. Avoiding summer parties and opting for outings and restaurants with friends that don’t serve alcohol is the best way to stay sober.

Internal triggers come from within yourself. Every once in a while you might suddenly feel the urge to drink regardless of an external trigger. These kinds of triggers come more often in time of great excitement, anger, or stress. Controlling your emotions and recognizing that the urge is fleeting is the best way to combat it.


Avoiding the temptation is the best way to resist the urge to drink. Alcoholism is all the more difficult to battle if you work at a bar or go to a summer party. If you cannot avoid the triggers around you, you can always take the steps to distract yourself or leave if the urge to drink becomes too strong.

Remember why you’re doing this

If you feel like you cannot resist the urge, remember the reason you sought a detox doctor in the first place. You’re taking the necessary steps to create a better life for yourself. Making the decision to go to an alcohol detox center was the hardest part. Now, it’s up to you to resist the urge to drink.

It can be hard to resist falling back into old habits when the summer rolls around. If you’re looking for alcoholism treatment, contact Peace Medical today.

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