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The Criteria for Alcoholism

Addiction Treatment Centers

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcoholism is the third biggest cause of deadly diseases in the nation. But how do you know if you have alcoholism? The following criteria from addiction treatment centers can help you gauge your risk.

Struggle Quitting

It’s difficult quitting drinking on your own. If you have had a hard time cutting down on your alcohol use in the past, then alcoholism may be a more severe issue that requires professional assistance. If you have had significant trouble quitting, then you may need to work with addiction treatment centers to avoid this danger.

Physical Symptoms

Are you gaining weight, experiencing regular stomach pains, or struggling with other physical issues? Alcohol devastates a person’s body and, over the long term, causes permanent changes. Sadly, many people with alcoholism ignore these changes even when they know they’re physically dangerous and suffer from long-term health issues.

Behavioral Changes

Alcoholism is particularly an issue if it causes behavioral changes, including violent or aggressive behaviors towards others. One’s cognitive abilities are also noticeably impacted, which may negatively affect one’s interpersonal relationships and social skills. Significant changes of this kind could signal that a person’s alcohol consumption is in excess.

Legal Problems

Have you experienced more than one DUI conviction due to alcohol? Did you pay multiple fines and even spend time in jail due to drinking? It’s important to reach out to addiction treatment centers to get help and to avoid falling into a pattern of criminal behavior that could affect your life permanently.

Increased Tolerance

If you notice that you’ve developed a higher tolerance for alcohol, it may be the result of increased or excessive consumption. This can have severe consequences on your health, as those with higher tolerances tend to drink more to feel the effects of alcohol.

Do you or someone you love meet any of these criteria? If so, please reach out to Peace Medical today to get help from one of the most reliable and compassionate addiction treatment centers in your area. Our team has many years of experience in this field and understands how to help people recover from alcoholism. Reach out to us for the guidance you need.

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