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Why Detox is Important for Those Struggling With Alcohol Addictions

Why Detox Is Important For Those Struggling With Alcohol Addictions

According to the BBC, while it’s commonly known that alcohol consumption can damage your liver, not everyone realizes that it can have an effect on long-term brain function, as well. The condition, known as ARBD, includes symptoms of difficulty reasoning, memory loss, and confusion, and it occurs as a result of heavy drinking.

Why Detox Centers Help

For people who have drinking problems, visiting alcohol detox centers can be a life changing and necessary experience. This can be either in-house treatment facilities where the patient stays until they get better, or out-patient facilities where individuals will receive medication, lab work, and private conferences to help get a handle on the disease. Prescription drugs such as topamax, antabuse, and campral have all been successful parts of alcohol treatment programs. Family practice doctors know that treating alcoholism is often a two steps forward, one step back journey. Patients can make great progress, then relapse. The important thing isn’t necessarily being a “perfect” patient — the important thing is moving forward slowly but surely over time.

Using Prescription Drugs for Alcohol Addictions

Why do doctors use drugs to treat alcoholism? When the body goes through the process of detoxification, symptoms will usually appear. Even though long term use of alcohol is dangerous, the body can become dependent on it, inducing symptoms such as nausea, sweats, tremors, paranoia, and even seizures, which is why individuals planning to withdraw are advised to be under medical supervision. Doctors can help treat symptoms with the use of pre-approved prescription drugs.

Early Treatment is Important for Recovery

It’s important to address the problem of alcoholism as soon as possible. According to one national survey, almost 25 people over the age of 12 needed treatment for drug or alcohol abuse in 2009. The effects are wide-ranging. Two million of these individuals will end up in an emergency room each year, and nearly 30 million will drive under the influence, risking injury and death for themselves and others. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders affect as many as 40,000 babies each year.

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