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3 Things to Consider When Finding a Primary Care Physician

3 Things To Consider When Finding A Primary Care Physician

Finding a good primary care physician or family medicine doctor is key to ensuring your continued health for years to come. It is a big decision to make, and you should be making the choice for the best family doctor for you based on some important factors. Here are three of these important factors.

1. How Convenient is the Office Location?

If you find a primary care physician that seems to be a good fit for you, but their office location is an inconvenient distance from you, they may not be the best choice. If you have a problem, you want easy access to the best family doctor, and having your physician an inconvenient distance away can hinder the frequency with which you go to the doctor. If distance deters you from going to the doctors’ office for problems that you would have gone to a family medicine doctor for in the past, you run the risk of missing a serious health problem.

2. What are Their Patient Reviews Like?

When it comes to finding a primary care physician that you can trust, you should look for a family doctor that other people trust. Reading the reviews can you find a family doctor that treats their patients with respect and kindness. If a primary care physician appears to have many negative reviews, the odds are that they do not treat their patients well, and they may also treat you poorly.

3. Do They Offer Telehealth Visits?

During the current pandemic, considering a primary care physician that offers telehealth visits can save you from possible exposure to the coronavirus. In the Fall and Spring, 50% of all yearly common cold cases occur. Being able to have a telehealth visit with your doctor instead of going into the office can help keep you safer while the process of creating a vaccine is still underway.

When you are choosing a primary care physician, you have to make sure that you are making a purposeful and smart decision. By considering the above questions and answering them truthfully, you can be sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to your family doctor.

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