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3 Ways Doctors Can Help With Detoxing Processes

detoxing processes

Those who are going through detox need a high level of support, whether it be from family members or their care provider. According to American Addiction Centers, the relapse rate of those who go through detoxing processes alone is about 95%. Some severe symptoms of withdrawal are goosebumps and fever, which can be difficult to manage on one’s own. So, how can patients handle their detox when family members aren’t available? Keep reading to learn three ways that doctors will help with detox.

Home Detox Programs

Going through detox will make a patient feel uncomfortable and out of their element. This is why an at-home detox program created and run by doctors is a great option for many. Detoxing processes are sometimes lengthy, so the option to go through them in the comfort of one’s home is quite attractive. With the Peace Medical at-home program, the patient is visited by their doctor. The patient will be given the resources and support they need to make it through their detox.


In some cases, prescriptions are the best option for patients going through detox. All detoxing processes are different and should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Doctors will sometimes prescribe Suboxone, which is an FDA-approved drug that can help treat patients addicted to opiates. Methadone is sometimes prescribed as an alternative pain management medication for those working through opiate addiction. Always ask your doctor about pain management and prescription drug detox options before moving forward with a treatment method.

Telemedicine Care

Telemedicine is newer to the medical field but is incredibly helpful for patients who have difficulty leaving their homes. It’s also a great option for those who have odd work hours but want to prioritize their health. Patients can simply book an appointment, chat with their doctor, and then pick up their prescription at a nearby pharmacy. Telemedicine provides an accessible version of healthcare for anyone going through their detox.

These three options for detox care are just the beginning of the ways that doctors help their patients. While they’re great, patients should always discuss their care with a medical professional before moving forward with care. Call us at Peace Medical today to learn more about our experiences with detox assistance.

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