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Can You Be Diagnosed With ADHD As an Adult?

Most people envision a hyperactive child refusing to listen and running in circles around a classroom when they think of ADHD. This leads to some people believing it’s a childhood disorder, but that’s not necessarily true. According to the CDC, most people are diagnosed with ADHD when they are between the ages of 12 and 17, and many adults also receive this diagnosis at various stages in later years.

Adult Diagnosis

Adults may not have been diagnosed with ADHD as a child because they didn’t have severe symptoms or their parents were against medication. The lack of diagnosis doesn’t mean that ADHD isn’t there. In fact, many adults seek help from an adult ADHD doctor after realizing they have many of the symptoms and that the disorder is interrupting their day-to-day lives.

ADHD Symptoms

Adult ADHD symptoms usually present themselves differently than the symptoms seen in childhood ADHD. This is true even if a person has ADHD most of their life. An adult ADHD doctor often sees patients who display various symptoms like lack of organization, poor time management, difficulty managing employment, and impulsive decision-making.

Late-Onset ADHD

Some people may go through their entire childhood and not realize they have ADHD. The symptoms often become apparent in adulthood because a person must stay organized and have more responsibilities. However, it’s also possible for a person to develop ADHD later in life. It’s not as common as childhood onset, but it does happen.

Importance of Care

A diagnosis is critical to learning how to manage your ADHD and the symptoms that come with it. An adult ADHD doctor will utilize various methods of treatment to help you; this professional can prescribe medication to help you maintain focus. They can also refer you to a counselor to learn coping skills and improve social skills. Professionals with experience in ADHD management are full of valuable tips for staying organized.

Daily Functioning

ADHD can have a significant impact on every aspect of your life. This disorder can impact your ability to maintain relationships, hold a job, and get to appointments on time. If you’re in college, keeping up with appointments or focusing during long lectures can be a struggle. Proper diagnosis and treatment can help improve your quality of life.

One of the most common myths regarding ADHD is that it’s a childhood disorder. Adults may be undiagnosed or have late-onset ADHD. If this sounds like you, contact Peace Medical to schedule an appointment today.

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