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Surprising Facts About Alcoholism in the United States

Alcoholism is a serious disorder that affects many people. When someone becomes co-dependent on alcohol, they could put their life at risk as well as those around them. Read on to find out some surprising facts about alcohol use in the United States.

It’s Associated With Several Diseases

Alcohol abuse is known for its devastating effect on the liver. If you see an alcohol abuser with an abnormally swollen belly, it may be due to cirrhosis of the liver. The liver isn’t the only organ affected by alcoholism, as this substance disorder is also connected to several types of cancers and heart disease.

It Kills Many Americans

Alcoholism ranks third on the list of the most deadly American diseases. One of the things that makes alcohol so deadly is how it infects judgment. It’s the cause of many car accidents that result in injuries or fatalities. It can also increase the likelihood of injuries in other places. For example, if you work a dangerous job like construction and show up drunk, you’re more likely to have an accident in which you hurt yourself or someone else.

It Can Cause Disorders in Unborn Children

According to the CDC, there is no safe amount of alcohol a pregnant woman can consume. Alcohol consumption can cause an expectant mother to miscarry her baby or have a stillbirth. When a child develops inside a woman who abuses alcohol, there’s a high chance of the baby being diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. This disorder can cause intellectual or physical disabilities in the child.

Income May Affect Alcoholism

It appears that income can affect whether people drink and how much of it they consume. According to 2022 data, over 80% of adults in households that bring in $100,000 or more drink alcohol. On the other hand, only 49% of people with a revenue stream of $40,000 said they consume it.

It’s fun having drinks with friends and family, but people must understand what their alcohol tolerance is. If people aren’t careful with the amount of their alcohol consumption and why they drink it, alcohol use can become an issue. If you or someone you care about has alcohol abuse issues, please contact our local team today for help. We can assist you with becoming sober.

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